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Start your day the Hopscotch way and join the Koji-fermented breakfast pudding revolution!

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Putting the FUN in gut health.

Koji is a FUN-gi, an ancient probiotic with proven health benefits.

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How We Got Started!

As a primary care doctor of 30 years, I realized my patients were looking for a healthy and natural solutions to improve gut health and energy. Using my grandmother's recipes, I created this delicious, simple & functional, ready-to-eat superfood that we can all enjoy guilt free every day.

The recipes reminded me of growing up as a small child in Korea and playing hopscotch with my friends and eating medicinal foods my grandmother made from scratch. She practiced the ancient art of Koji fermentation that should be enjoyed by all.

Hopscotch is a fun & easy gut healing food with a great taste and anti-inflammatory health benefits.

Cheers to good health!

- Kathryn K. Oh, M.D.

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Berry Morning Vibes

Jumpstart your morning routine with Hopscotch Strawberry. Good for your gut and your taste buds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about our Koji fermented brown rice breakfast pudding?

Yes, simply remove from the fridge and enjoy! You can add some fruit, yogurt or granola and is a perfect sidekick to your favorite smoothie.

There is absolutely NO added sugar or sugar substitutes in any Hopscotch product.

Yes! Hopscotch breakfast puddings are gluten free, dairy free, plant based, naturally fat free, and have no sugar added.

Hopscotch is Koji fermented brown rice which are rich in prebiotics, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids that heal and support our gut microbiome and enhance nutrient absorption and digestion.

The Koji fermentation process enriches our products with skin-friendly vitamins like Niacin and Biotin for repair and maintenance. It also generates powerful antioxidants like Ergothioneine and Kojic Acid, which combat oxidative stress and reduce discoloration. Additionally, Ferulic Acid in the fermentation process helps in reducing inflammation and protecting against sun damage.

Koji fermentation is a traditional Japanese process where the Koji mold (Aspergillus Oryzae) is cultivated on grains like rice, barley, or soybeans. This mold breaks down the starches and proteins in the grains into simpler, more digestible compounds, imparting unique flavors and enhancing nutritional value.