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Dr. Oh's Wellness Wisdom: Blending Medical Expertise with Traditional Recipes

Dr. Oh's Wellness Wisdom: Blending Medical Expertise with Traditional Recipes

Hello, I'm Dr. Kathryn Oh, and I want to take you on a journey that began in my medical practice and led to the kitchen, where I created Hopscotch. My medical background has always driven me to find effective, holistic solutions to health issues, especially those concerning the gut. But I wanted to do more than just prescribe; I wanted to make gut health fun.

Why Focus on Gut Health?

During my years in medicine, I saw countless patients struggling with gut-related issues. It became clear to me that while medication is essential, it's not the only answer. 

I realized that a joyful approach to gut health could be the key to making lasting, positive changes in people’s lives.

Incorporating Joy into Health

This realization sparked the idea of Hopscotch. I wanted to create something that wasn't just good for you but also delightful to eat. Combining my medical insights with traditional recipes passed down in my family, I ventured into creating foods that could support gut health while being incredibly tasty.

The Power of Koji Fermentation

At the heart of Hopscotch lies the ancient art of Koji fermentation, a technique I grew up with and which I knew had fantastic health benefits. Fermenting foods with Koji not only enhances their flavor but also increases their nutritional value, making them gentler and more beneficial for the gut.

Hopscotch: Where Health Meets Taste

With Hopscotch, I’ve strived to create a range of breakfast puddings that are a perfect blend of health and taste. Every flavor is crafted to be a treat for the taste buds while packing a punch of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals that are great for gut health.

Making Gut Health Accessible and Enjoyable

My goal with Hopscotch is to make gut health accessible, understandable, and enjoyable. I believe that when we love what we eat, and it loves us back, health becomes a joyful journey rather than a chore.


My journey from a physician to the creator of Hopscotch has been one of passion, discovery, and joy. I invite you to experience this joy with every serving of Hopscotch. It's a celebration of gut health, a testament to the power of combining medical understanding with the wisdom of traditional culinary practices. Let’s make health fun with Hopscotch.